“Girl Pool” (written for Bushwick Book Club, Cat’s Cradle/Vonnegut show).

Here’s a formation of The Relastics at Storm Garner’s salon/performance/art series THE CONVERSATION:

That’s Julie Delano, Leslie Graves and Marlon Cherry with me. We’re singing “Euphio” – inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s short story.

I always liked this one of me and Herb, I mean Myron:

Tom Bayne made this video for my song, “Quetzalcoatl,” which I wrote for Bushwick Book Club.  Dany Naierman stars as the Mesoamerican deity!

And here’s an episode teaser for The Daily Beverage Show:

What about the Bare Bottom Cooking episodes with Dany Naierman?

AND a music video of one the latest Kurt Vonnegut-inspired songs.  Video by Julie Lamendola, who’s also singing along with Julie Delano, Leslie Graves and me, with Johnny Dydo on drums:

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