I know who my people are.  We make things.  I’m a maker.  I have friends who are not makers.  They are great people.  Confounding to me, as a maker, but I like to view that as maybe a part of their charm?  It’s nice to enjoy some freaky contrast of opinions and perspective I get from the non-makers and from everybody who is different from me, which is just about everybody, since we’re all different from each other. Isn’t that nice how that works out.

I specialize in making things that collapse – music and performance.  I am a compulsive harmonizer.  I play an accordion because it’s more portable than a piano (barely) and because it’s fun to play something you can run around on stage with.  Drums is still the funnest instrument. You can run around with a Janggu.  I have a trumpet because I also love horns, but I can’t play it.  My Spanish is also woeful.  French is virtually non-existent.

My default mode is organization.  It makes me feel safe.  I’ve used this skill in helping to organize bands (Lusterlit, Debutante Hour, The Relastics, Main Squeeze Orchestra, Murderizer), and I also formed the monthly literature-inspired musical event, The Bushwick Book Club.  I’m trying to re-orient my default mode to practicing so I can finally learn that trumpet.  And Spanish.  And French especially, because it makes you better looking.

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