I know actors who have nerves about singing in public.  Like they can perform in Elizabethan English but singing a song in front of people freaks them out.  I’m not one of those people.  I’m Korean, which means I’m a singer.  All singers are not Korean, but all Koreans are singers.  We all do it.  Good, bad, doesn’t necessarily matter; we all just do it.  A lot.

It so happens that not only am I a singer (aka. Korean), I’m by nature word-oriented, and although I came to this country initially only speaking Korean, my English quickly surpassed my native language abilities.  So I’ve been obsessed with stories, novels, poetry, stand up comedy (in English).  And these days, I pour my love of music and words into The Bushwick Book Club and the BBC spin-off duo I have with Charlie Nieland called LUSTERLIT.

We get friendly:
We have recordings:
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Look, here we are in a graveyard.  Our artist/filmmaker friend Lisa Barnstone took this one:

I like that picture because it’s summertime.  You can’t see any instruments though, so as far as you can tell we’re just weirdos who hang out with dead people.  But Jesus, with all the folks who passed this year, that could just mean we keep really good company.

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