The Debutante Hour

This is the band the super-talented Maria Sonevytsky and I started back in 2007.  We were an accordion duo back then.  We did originals, plus some Ukrainian songs and a Sparks cover (“Sherlock Holmes”).  Those were fun times.  And the fun times got funner as we hurled ourselves into what became The Debutante Hour Homeland Tour(s).  First, we went to Seoul where I was born (w/ a stop in Tokyo and Kyoto for kicks and many baths).  Then, the next summer, I met Maria in Europe where I got to meet several of her aunts (Teta Marta!) and travel to her home country, Ukraine, where we played beautiful theaters that made me cry.  I got to break bottles into recycling bins in Italy with Finni.  We thought we might die on our drive from Italy to Poland for our next gig.  We didn’t, but Ukrainian mechanics later  informed us we could have.

Debutante Hour today is a sparkly trio with very hot cellist, songwriter, fellow-harmonizer Mia Pixley.  She fills us out like an Italian hero from Graham Avenue Deli.  If you know the sandwiches there, you know what I mean.  They are the closest you can get to heaven via deli meat.  Similarly, Mia brings The Debutante Hour to unforseen musical and dancing heights.  Together, we’ve created PSAs, 3 music videos, 2 full-length albums and a covers EP.  If you were wondering who started the line-dance sensation, The Nancy Kerrigan Shuffle, yes, that was us.


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