Special Bushwick Book Club show, Feb. 25th at Barbes

Tomorrow night, we’re presenting new music inspired by Howard Feinstein’s memoirs of his experiences as a civil rights lawyer in the ’60s–“Fire on the Bayou–True Tales from the Civil Rights Battlefront.”  Howard will be there to speak about his book and his experiences, and he will also play his own musical composition reflecting on the book.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have him there.  Not only is this such a meaningful time and important issue, but Howard was my blues piano teacher in Maryland.  He was the first one to teach me 1-4-5.  After years of studying how to play notes that I read on paper, he taught me songs that weren’t written down at all.  He showed me songs that aren’t meant to be read, but that you have to feel in order to play.  And it was what was in me all along.  Howard let me into the blues, which have always been home for me.  Kimchi may be my home food, but the blues is my home music.

So, I hope you can come and hear all the new songs inspired by the book, and I hope you can come early enough to hear Howard speak about his experiences.  We’ll be at one of my favorite Brooklyn venues in Park Slope, Barbes (376 9th St, Brooklyn, NY /ph: 347-422-0248), 7pm-8:45pm.

The talented songwriters performing tomorrow night include: spiritchild, Susan Hwang, Shannon Pelcher, Sweet SoubretteMia Pixley, Pearl Rhein and The Lords of Liechtenstein.