Other things I’ve been up to

I’m not always good at updating all this and that everywhere one is supposed to. I’m happy if I can keep my plants and cat watered. I don’t have a green thumb. Not something I inherited from my dad, whose thumb was in fact green.

I’m starting another batch of fermented black garlic this week, and I shot this video with Marlon on the roof today. It was an experiment. I think it worked. We have a live stream set tomorrow, Friday, October 9th at 5pm Eastern at facebook.com/susanhwanglalala . Everyone is in a context. I create mine in part with commitments to present music.

Here’s our last live stream on Sept. 11th which was… really fun.

Posted by Susan Hwang on Friday, September 11, 2020

Hope to see you tomorrow, 5pm Eastern, October 9th at facebook.com/susanhwanglalala.